Weather: Eastern Washington
  Overall   Instability   Winds   Satellite
  Wenatchee Underground   Ephrata Soaring Index   Current Winds   Pacific Satellite
  Wenatchee TWC 5 day   Ephrata Tomorrow   WindCast   3D Satellite
! Hourly: Wenatchee Ephrata ? Lifted Index   Winds Aloft   Analysis & Satellite
? Current Analysis ? Skew Plot: Quillayute Alt   Jet Stream  Choices ? Finer Analysis
  Text Current Analysis ? Skew Plot: Spokane Alt   TWC 5k Winds Aloft   Infra Red Alt
? 4 Panel   MM5: Soundings       Imagery at 1km
? TAF: Ephrata Pullman   Above has Wenatchee       Wa Clouds
  Current: Chelan Quincy   & Moses Lake Skew        
  Grand Coulee Winthrop            
  Precipitation   Cams   Pressure   Links
? NW Doppler   Chelan (looking W)   UW Trends   CBCC Link
? NW Radar   Wilbur (looking NW) ? 4 Panel Forecast   Washington NOAA
? Seattle Nexrad   Creston (looking NE) ? 3 hour Tendency   Penn State
? Spokane Nexrad   Fairchild (looking E)   National Picture   UCAR
? Precipitable Water Contour   Methow (looking NW)   State overview   Aviation DDS(noaa)
  National  Forecast   Wenatchee: Mission       WSDOT Passes

These links are the one's I find most useful in examining the weather for predicting the conditions for Hang Gliding from the Chelan area Each click will open it's own window. For a more descriptive explanation, click here. Also available: Western Washington. If you have any comments, please send them to

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